This depends on how you want to use your cards.

Shared balance

Best for:

 - Partners

 - Shared funds for a holiday with friends

 - Shared expenses in the UK (e.g. housemates)

If you opt for a shared balance card, you’ll be sent a yellow card and whoever you have chosen shared balance cards for will also be sent yellow cards. Everyone who you’ve chosen to get shared balance cards with will share the same pot of money. They will all be able to see the transactions of everyone else you have a shared card for. They will not be able to see the balance or transactions on your main blue card, if you have one.

You can load your shared pot directly from your bank account. Only you will be able to load the balance that is shared between your shared balance Linked Cards, the other cardholders will not be able to do this.

When you order your group of shared balance cards you can order up to 10 cards, however you won't be able to to add more shared balance cards to your account after your initial order.

Separate balance

Best for:

- Children (aged 13 and over) (for example to give pocket money)

- Anyone you give money to for expenses (eg anyone who might help you with shopping or childcare). 

If you choose a separate balance card, your cardholder will be sent out a green card. You will be in control of loading money to the card or withdrawing it and be able to see the cardholder’s transactions and balance. They will not be able to see the transactions and statement of your main card.

You will need our mobile app to manage any of our Linked Cards.