Linked Cards allow you to order cards for your friends, family and helpers, and provide them with funds to use on their travels or at home in the UK. You can transfer money to their cards from your FairFX Currency Card in any of the 15 available currencies. 

Your chosen Linked Card users will each be given a sea green card, different to the sky blue of the FairFX Currency Card, and you can choose whether you want it sent to them or to you. 

You will be in complete control of the balances for all your Linked Cards - you can add money in up to 15 major currencies or move funds back onto your main card. You’ll also be able to see each Linked Card users’ transaction history and balance. Users will not be able to see their transactions or statements of your personal card. Linked cards must be managed from the mobile app, they cannot be managed from the website. 

To add money to a Linked card please press the "Cards" option at the bottom of the app screen. You'll be able to see all your cards including Linked Cards there. Please select "Add Money" under the card you wish to top up. On the next screen you can select "Top up" or exchange. If you continue with "Top up" you'll be able to add money to your Linked Card directly from your bank account. If you'd prefer to move money across from your personal card, please choose "Exchange" and you'll be able to transfer money from your personal card.

You can order Linked Cards for anyone aged 13 or over.