If your card is due to expire soon you may have received an email inviting you to upgrade to our new platform. You can find out more information about our new platform here.

The upgrade process will move your money to the new platform (please be aware this may take some time).

Once your upgrade is complete you'll receive an email confirmation, the email will ask you to sign in to order a new card.

Please note that all your cards, including any Linked Cards will be closed during the upgrade process. You will need to order new cards for yourself and any Linked Card holders once your upgrade is complete.

We have a new set of FAQs for the new platform, you can access them here.

Here are some answers so common questions about the upgrade:

How do I get a replacement card?

You will need to first use the link in the email you received or on the banner on your account. If you cannot see a banner on your account, you may not be eligible to upgrade yet. If this is the case please watch out for an email in the coming months.

Once you've clicked the link you will be asked to confirm some details about your account and confirm you are happy to have your money transferred to the new account. You will then need wait for an email confirming you can order a new card.

Should I use my old sign in details?

Yes, please use the same email address and password you used on the old platform. You will need to sign in here: https://dashboard.fairfx.com/, please ensure you update your bookmarks.

Do I need to order a card when I upgrade?

Yes, you will need to sign in to your account and order a new card for yourself and any Linked cardholders.

Can I still get a physical card?

Yes, although virtual cards are now avaliable, we're still happy to send out physical cards as normal. Cards take around 3 to 5 working days to arrive.

What is a virtual card?
A virtual card can be used for online transactions and added to your device wallet so that you can make payments from your smartphone or smartwatch. It can be available instantly as there is no need to wait for it to arrive in the post. The card details will be available for you to view on your account. You may decide you don't need a physical card in addition to the virtual card.

Is there a new app?
Yes, please download and use our new app for iOS and Android, you will not be able to use the old app going forward.