When you make an online payment you may be asked for a security answer. The pop up is headed “Let’s make sure it’s you” and has the Equals Group logo.

You need to enter the online payments security answer that you set up when you activated your card. If you haven’t yet set one up, then please sign in to your account and go to the ‘Cards’ section of your account page and choose the option to ‘Create’ under ‘Online payments security answer’. Once you have set up your security answer, you will be able to make the payment.

Will I be asked for a passcode for every online transaction?
No, it is down to the merchant themselves whether they will ask for a passcode. For example, some merchants will request this for each transaction you make with them, whereas others may only request it for high-value transactions, or even not at all.

Why do I need to enter a passcode when I make some online transactions with my FairFX card?
Mastercard has asked that we (along with other payment providers like us) implement this additional security measure. Requesting passcodes is an excellent way of protecting you against online fraud as it ensures that you are authorising the transaction.

I have a Linked Card, how can I find out my passcode?
Please speak with your primary cardholder (the person that ordered your Linked Card for you). They will be able to tell you your passcode.

Is my passcode the same as my password for my FairFX account?
No, these are not the same. Your passcode is used when you make transactions online using your FairFX card. Your FairFX password is used only when you wish to sign in on the FairFX website or mobile app. We recommend that you set something different for your password and passcode.

I’ve forgotten my passcode
Please sign in to your account on the website to update your passcode.