What is the FairFX Currency Card?

The FairFX Currency Card is our new multi-currency card that can be used at home and abroad. You can hold up to 15 major currencies on the card and use it wherever Mastercard is accepted in over 190 countries at 35 million locations. It’s a prepaid card, so just like our old FairFX card, you can buy foreign currency to hold so it’s ready to use whenever you need it. 

I want to upgrade now, can I?

To ensure all of our customers have a smooth experience, we are inviting you to upgrade in stages. If you are an existing customer, please keep an eye on your email and start the journey when the invitation comes in!

What will happen to my old card(s)?

Your old card(s) will close during the upgrade process. If you’re expecting to use your card in the next 10 days, for example, if you are expecting a refund or if you will be using it on a trip, please wait before upgrading.

I cannot see my new card on the app

You’ll need to download our new app to see your new card. It’s available for Android and iOS and is called “FairFX Currency Card”. It has a blue logo on a white background. 

How long will it take for my funds to be transferred?

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for your funds to be transferred across from your old card to your new one.

What about my rewards?

If you have a reward balance available to claim when you start your upgrade, we’ll simply add it directly to the balance of your new card.

Why am I being asked to switch/upgrade my card?

We’re always looking at ways to make your experience of using FairFX better, which is why we’re bringing you our new and improved multi-currency card so that you can hold all the major currencies you need on one card. There are lots of improvements and new features we look forward to you seeing!  

We’re also aware that some of our customers expressed an interest in moving to a card with a new card issuer. Our new multi-currency card is issued by Valitor Payment Services Ltd with funds being securely held by CitiBank and visible to us at all times.

Why haven't I received an email about upgrading my card yet?

In order to upgrade our customers carefully and make sure we can fully support everyone during the process, we are inviting our customers to move across in stages. Please don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted yet, everyone will have the opportunity to upgrade to our new card shortly. 

How long will the process take?

It will take upto 10 working days from when you upgrade for your new card to arrive.

I have Family and Friends Cards, what do I need to do?

We're adding the finishing touches to our linked cards - the new name for Family and Friends Cards. Linked cards will be connected to your FairFX Currency Card when you upgrade and will allow you to give free multi-currency cards to friends, family and helpers for them to use on their travels and at home. 

You’ll be able to use linked cards in the same way you currently use your Family and Friends Cards, they will just have a lot of exciting new features for you to take advantage of! 

For now, you can continue to use your existing FairFX cards, including Family and Friends Cards, as normal. We'll be in touch in the coming weeks to let you know when you’re able to upgrade to a FairFX Currency Card and take advantage of our linked cards feature.

I also have an Equals Go card, what does this mean for me?

Any balances that are on your existing FairFX cards and Equals Go card will be consolidated onto your new FairFX Currency Card when you upgrade. Until then, you can continue to use these cards as normal.

Keep an eye on your emails and we’ll be in touch in the coming weeks to let you know when you can upgrade.