If you use your card in restaurants and bars in the USA, you will see a separate transaction described as commission on your statement. Commission transactions will be for 15% of the authorised transaction amount from the restaurant or bar. This is because it is common place for restaurants and bars in the USA to authorise transactions before customers have had the opportunity to add a tip to their bill. So for transactions from restaurants and bars, we reserve a proportion of the authorised amount, which appears on your statement as commission, until the final amount is confirmed by the merchant. This is to ensure that there are sufficient funds available on your card for a tip when the payment is finalised and to avoid your card going into a negative balance.

Once the transaction amount is finalised by the merchant it will appear on your statement at that amount and any unused reserved amount will be released back to your card balance. Merchants typically finalise payments within three days but it can take longer and is controlled by the merchant. Please rest assured that the restaurant or bar is only allowed to add a tip if you have agreed to it.

If you have paid a tip in cash no further amount will be added to your transaction but the reserved amount will still show as commission on your statement until the transaction is finalised by the merchant.