We deposit the money you load onto your FairFX Currency Card at Valitor Payment Services Ltd, Paternoster House 65, St. Paul's Churchyard 2nd floor, London, EC4M 8AB, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Ref: 900688) and in an issuer of e-money.

As a responsible e-money issuer, Valitor Payment Services Ltd ensures that once it has received funds, they are deposited in a are held in a segregated, safeguarded account, specifically for the purpose of redeeming transactions made by your card. This means that clients’ funds cannot be used by Valitor themselves, their creditors, or by FairFX. In the unlikely event that Valitor Payment Services Ltd becomes insolvent, funds that you have loaded which have arrived and have been deposited by Valitor Payment Services Ltd are protected against the claims made by creditors.  

 Funds on Valitor cards are held with CitiBank and FairFX have full visibility of the funds at all times.